Trending: The Lady-stache!
September 29, 2009


Is it just me or are the ladies having a mustache moment? Saturday I was idly shopping in a candy shop in Long Beach, during a break in shooting, and turned the corner and came across a girly pink set of mustaches, one for every day of the week.  Since I was headed to a party that night and it was the birthday girl’s favorite color, I surrendered (to) the pink.  Well my little novelty was quite a hit eparty_2069_26288700and the other girlguests kind of looked envious. Who knew? ‘Course I only had to think back for a minute to remember comedienne/provocateur Sarah Silverman’s appearance at the Emmy’s recently, and her moment of hirsuit hilarity while Justin Timberlake read her name as a nominee for best comedy lead actress. Poking around Sarah’s website, I found she has a stash of ‘staches – she rocks her fake facial hair in a series of candids taken on-set to hysterically plaintive effect and seems to have made it her itchy identifier.  I’m not a gamblin’ man, but I bet if there’s anyone it’s Ms. Silverman who can make the (hairy) lip stick.



Off – and Farther Off – the Runway
September 21, 2009

Courtesy of the hilarious Tom & Lorenzo of Project Rungay blog fame, I thought these pictures of some of the Emmy gowns from yesterday next to shots from their original showing on the runway give a hint at what their stylists, both rightly or wrongly, might have been thinking.






Project Red Carpet
September 21, 2009

For me, the Emmy 2009 fashion parade was a lot like Project Runway – there were a lot of looks that yelled “Safe!” Let’s also note in passing there were still a lot of girls dressing way too old for their age and red lipstick plus bright California sunshine never works.

Herewith, my favorites:





1328672223_12394849588I honestly thought there’d be a few more short dresses, especially after talking to people for my LA Times piece Sunday. Maybe some ladies chickened out in the end. And I’ve skipped over the red-carpet low points – those girls know who they are and why rub it in? They have to live with those pictures forever. One last thought – though black is synonymous with high chic, there wasn’t one killer black dress on the red carpet last night.